What is ZURU Academy?

Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the secrets of Unreal Engine directly from world-class ZURU Tech senior engineers.

Work with state-of-the-art technology in this intense, full-time 3-month program, and advance your skills in a short amount of time!

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Why choose ZURU Academy?

Give your career a head start

This course will deepen your knowledge of C++ and Unreal Engine, preparing you for a prospective career at ZURU or beyond. We’re always looking to recruit talented software engineers with a passion for object oriented programming—after undertaking our course, this could be you!

Learn cutting-edge technology

If you aren’t already familiar with C++ and Unreal Engine software, our course is a great place to get started. We offer one of the leading teaching programs with the use of the best graphics engine on the market.
Dynamic environment
At ZURU Tech, we work in a fast-paced, dynamic fashion as we seek to develop the world's first digital building fabrication platform. Our Italian offices were recently certified by the Great Place to Work Institute as a productive, collaborative and innovative working environment.

Enhance your skills

Fill in the gap between university or self taught knowledge and take yourself to the next level with ZURU’s professional standard training. We will give you the opportunity to learn how to write clean and high quality code that will make you a desirable candidate for any tech company.

Ongoing support

You’ll be paired with an experienced ZURU Tech representative who is an expert on the developer ecosystem and can help guide you through Unreal resources.

Network with the best

Rub shoulders with our international team—some of the world’s leading software engineers—who will become your colleagues and mentors during your time at the ZURU Academy.


“The thing that I liked the most was the possibility to interact with the teacher whenever I needed to, whether it was a question over the contents of the course or about a personal project or curiosity.
“The teacher is very prepared and the course content was well structured and professional. The combination of these aspects has made the Academy a pleasant and entertaining experience.”

Simone Bartoli,

Junior C++ Software engineer – 1st Edition 2021

Testimonial Academy

The Program

ZURU Academy 2024

Online lessons with individual exercises or group projects.

Want to know more about this opportunity?

New English program

Module 1

C++ fundamentals and intermediate: You will learn among other things, memory managing, pointers and reference, exceptions, preprocessing, Linker and libraries, incapsulations, const correctness, overloading, Casting, STL(+ Unreal stl-like classes comparison), multithread base

Module 2

Advanced C++: type deduction (auto, decltype), enum class, Nullptr, uniform initialization, rvalue reference and move semantic, Lambda. Multithreading, smart pointers

Module 3

Unreal Engine and Procedural Modeling: triangulation and primitive generation, UE ProceduralMeshComponent, Procedural UV, quick start, blueprint system, UI/UMG, shaders, ray marching bases, GIT uses (branches and remotes rebase)

Final Exam

Creation of a “Mini-BIM” with C++ and Unreal Engine 5.1 (30days for the project + teacher revision) and feedback meeting with tech lead and buddy

The teacher

Andrea Ruzzenenti

Andrea Ruzzenenti

Senior Software Architect and 3D EngineerWorking in ZURU Tech as a C++ teacher, Academy Curator
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