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Below is a short description of the DNA and culture that ZURU aspires to. We show this to all possible ZURU employees to make sure they are excited by the high performance, driven group we are building here. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Team members rather than employees
  • We, not I
  • Build strong frameworks, let the magic happen
  • Leadership is on the dance floor, not the balcony
Overprepare and Win
  • Look after the micro and the macro will look after itself
  • Work out how to win the battle before entering the arena
  • Simplification. Rationalise. Streamline.
  • Always be thinking about your ROT and ROI
  • Make 10 decisions fast to get 7 right, rather than 2 slow decisions to get both right
  • Set high standards even for the little things
  • Be obsessed with the details
Good Humans Only
  • Talent density
  • Experts leading experts
  • Specialization/HyperSpecialization. Only the best-become generalists
  • Meritocracy
  • Everyone is responsible for HR
Shift the Needle
  • Fire bullets. Fail fast
  • Speed of Innovation
  • Always be experimenting
  • Getting-things-done mentality. Less fluff, more doing
  • Never stop hustling
  • Persistence, persistence, persistence
Compounding Improvement
  • Aim for 2% improvement per week — Improvement compounds
  • Be obsessed with the details
  • Set high standards even for small things
  • Complacency is our enemy
  • Relentless pursuit of marginal gains
  • We suck now compared to where we will be in the future
  • Cross-pollinate and share learnings always
Radical Candour
  • Constructively dissatisfied
  • Radical feedback
  • Brains Trust — constantly judging our own work
  • Relentlessly looking for actionable insights
  • Debate hard. Contest Ideas to stress test to get the
  • Best outcome

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