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Working at Zuru

We’re proud to be disruptors. Our ability to think differently, and our obsessive quest for improvement means we're always moving forward. What else makes ZURU so special?
World-changing project

World-changing project

Our world-changing project is set to disrupt the building industry as we know it, helping to solve the global housing crisis and bring affordable, high-quality housing to all.


The world's biggest challenges need creative solutions. We welcome out-of-the-box thinkers who can apply unique approaches to unsolved problems.
Fun, energetic team

Fun, energetic team

Collaboration is key. United by the ZURU mission, our dynamic global team is full of talented individuals who all bring something special to the table.
Cutting edge technologies

Cutting edge technologies

In our fast-paced and ever-changing world, we harness machine learning, computer vision and automation to build the future in the most innovative and efficient way.

Benefits and perks

We recognize that ZURU’s success stems from our people and you can only be at your best when you are looking after yourself. ZURU encourages all our employees to invest in their physical and mental wellbeing by providing an array of benefits and tools.
Benefits DotsBenefits Dots
Social culture

Social culture

We work hard, but we also know how to bring the fun! Our regular social events and team-bonding activities strengthen our working relationships.


Our ZURUFlex initiative gives you the option to adjust your hours and your location to best fit in with your life.

Focus on wellness

Your wellbeing is important. Our on-site gyms and healthy snacks encourage a healthy lifestyle, along with various wellness initiatives throughout the year.

Inspiring opportunities

Aside from being part of a world-changing project, at ZURU you will work alongside some of the leading minds in tech and be given opportunities rarely found elsewhere.

Rewarding talent

Meritocracy is our currency and we will recognize and reward those who go above and beyond.

Continuous education

Personal growth and development is key to a thriving workforce, so we provide team members with opportunities to upskill and undertake further learning.

Fun games

Work is more pleasant when you get some time out of the desk to enjoy each other’s company!

Coffee and beverages

Need a pick-me-up? Our kitchen is well stocked with tea, coffee and other beverages.


Enjoy our fresh and healthy snacks available every day.
Benefits Dots

Life at ZURU

With an international team of 300+ people spanning three continents, we believe inclusion and diversity is the key to delivering creative excellence.
Meet some of our world-leading talent here and get a taste for what life at ZURU is all about.
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Life at Zuru

Who we are looking for

Developers At Zuru

Development and Technology

The next generation of building design software means great opportunities for software developers. Whether you are a software engineer specialised in coding C++, a 3D artist, expert in QA or master of DevOps, we are looking for the best of the best to join us.
Product designers At Zuru


Creating the best experience possible for the user is one of our main goals, so having a team of leading product, UX and UI designers who can face challenges head-on is a must.
Subject matter experts At Zuru

Product Expert

Working in tech doesn’t just mean coding. We have a variety of roles that will fit your skills, from Product Owners to Scrum Masters. We need you working with our cutting-edge technology to take all our projects to the next level.

Our Values


We believe in the boundless potential of our team to solve problems, challenge the norm, think forward and keep learning.


Being passionate about what we do is just the tip of the iceberg; at ZURU, we believe our projects will truly make a worthy and long-lasting impact.


Our team is fueled by a shared vision to create disruptive solutions for the construction industry—and teamwork is how we’ll get there.


At ZURU, autonomy and accountability go hand in hand. We hire the best people in their field and give them the tools, resources and space to do what they do best.

Train with us and master ZURU technology

A detailed and engaging course to deepen your knowledge of C++ and Unreal Engine, preparing you for a prospective career at ZURU Tech or beyond!
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Train With Us
Train With Us
Train With Us

What we get asked the most

How long has the ZURU Group been around?
ZURU Group was formed in 2003 by New Zealand siblings—Mat, Nick and Anna Mowbray. Nearly 20 years later, ZURU is now a fully-fledged global success story, traversing toys, consumer goods, technology, and housing. The team at ZURU are on a quest to disrupt, innovate and "reimagine tomorrow" from A to Z—and with locations in over 11 countries, we are perfectly placed to continue building ZURU's reputation as one of the fastest-growing toy, consumer goods and technology companies in the world.
Spotting a need in the market for high-quality, affordable housing that can be designed from anywhere in the world but manufactured efficiently, affordably and at scale in our own factories, Mat and Nick Mowbray started the ZURU Housing Project in 2016. Initially, a few team members in Modena, Italy, the Project now has over 300 team members spread over four countries.
Our ZURU Group headquarters is located in Hong Kong and we have over 20 locations worldwide. ZURU Tech is a global team based in Modena and Milan (Italy), Ahmedabad and Kolkata (India), Shenzhen (China), Auckland (New Zealand), and Los Angeles (USA).
A good attitude, an aptitude to continuously learn and improve and a passion for technology and the project we are working on.
Yes! If you are a creative, self-starting individual who is passionate about technology and can think outside the box, we want to hear from you! Simply visit our Careers page and submit your CV along with a brief summary about your experience and why you want to work at ZURU. If a role comes up that matches your skills and experience, we will be in touch.
We currently have over 5,000 team members working for ZURU worldwide in over 20 locations! ZURU Tech employs over 300 team members situated across four countries.

Our Global Locations

LocationNew Zealand
  • Modena, Italy
  • Milan, Italy
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Shenzhen, China
  • Ahmedabad, India
  • Kolkata, India
  • Los Angeles, USA
We Are In Modena
We Are In Milano
We Are In New Zealand
We Are In China
We Are In Ahmedabad
We Are In Kolkata
We Are In Los Angeles

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